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Going Above And Beyond: The Extraordinary Work Of Immigration Civil Surgeon

When most people think of immigrants, they conjure up images of people coming to America for a better life.

They are the ones who ensure that immigrants to the United States are physically and mentally healthy enough to make the transition to life in America.

Immigration civil surgeon provides medical services for people who might not be able to afford them otherwise. They often serve in underserved communities, helping immigrant populations.

Immigrant health providers understand the cultural and linguistic differences between immigrants and non-immigrants. They can therefore deliver culturally competent healthcare tailored to their patient’s needs.

You must be sure that the immigration physician you choose has experience handling cases similar to yours. Here are several things to expect during your Immigration Medical Exam:

Medical History

Your doctor will ask about your family history, past illnesses, current medications, allergies, and any other health problems you may have had. They will also want to know if a psychiatrist or psychologist has ever treated you.

Immigration Civil Surgeon

Physical Examination

You’ll likely undergo a physical examination as part of your immigration medical exam. This includes checking your blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature, weight, height, and eyesight.

Chest X-Ray

A chest x-ray is important to your immigration medical exam because it helps determine your risk for tuberculosis (TB). TB is a serious disease that’s spread through the air when someone with active TB coughs or sneezes.

Blood Tests

During your immigration medical exam, your doctor will draw blood from various body parts to check for diseases such as diabetes, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, and syphilis.


A urinalysis is another test performed during your immigration medical exam. It checks for signs of kidney stones, bladder infections, urinary tract infections, and other conditions.


A EKG records the electrical activity of your heartbeat. It can help detect abnormalities like arrhythmias, which are abnormal heart rhythms.

Eye Exam

An eye exam is essential for anyone planning to immigrate to Canada. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, your optometrist will measure your vision and prescribe corrective lenses if necessary.

A Vaccinations Check

The doctor will make sure you are up-to-date on all your vaccinations. You may need to get some vaccinations during your exam if you are not up-to-date.


Your immigration medical exam is an important part of your application for a U.S. visa. Be sure to choose a doctor who has experience handling cases similar to yours. You can expect to undergo a physical examination, chest x-ray, blood tests, urinalysis, EKG, eye exam, and vaccinations check during your exam.

If you have any medical conditions that might make it difficult for you to adjust to life in the United States, be sure to tell your doctor.

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