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Invest In Your Well-being — Join Our Healthcare Membership Program!

As the world faces unprecedented challenges to public health, we must all do our part to ensure we are taking care of ourselves. Investing in our well-being is more important now than ever before. That’s why Partida Corona offers a healthcare membership program to help you and your families stay healthy.

With Partida Corona’s Healthcare Membership Las Vegas program, you will get access to high-quality medical care in the comfort that includes a wide range of healthcare services and treatments.

Partida Corona has got you covered whether you are looking for preventive care or Direct Care Las Vegas services. All our members gain access to a team of highly-qualified medical practitioners with years of experience treating patients and getting them back on their feet quickly.

Benefits Of The Healthcare Membership:

The various benefits of healthcare membership include:

Affordable Access: Although Cash Pay Doctor Las Vegas services are great for those without insurance, they can be expensive. With Partida Corona’s healthcare membership program, you get affordable access to all the healthcare services you need at a fraction of the cost of a monthly membership program.

Wide Range Of Services: Our membership covers various medical services and treatments, including preventive care, primary care, specialist visits, lab tests, X-Rays, screenings, and more.

Some of the tests covered in the membership include Spirometry, Urine Pregnancy, EKG (electrocardiogram), Quarterly Basic Labs, and many more.

Discounts on labs and prescriptions: Partida Corona’s healthcare membership program offers discounts on labs and prescriptions, often even below cost compared to insured patient pricing.

It helps you save money while still getting access to quality healthcare services.

Pre-Operative Clearance Services: With Partida Corona’s healthcare membership, you can access pre-operative clearance services, including ECHO, if needed.

This helps streamline the process and makes getting the necessary medical care easier without having to worry about long waiting times or extra costs.

Personalized Care: Our medical professionals provide Direct Primary Care Las Vegas services tailored to your individual needs and concerns.

Whether you need chronic care management (such as Diabetes, HTN, COPD, cardiovascular disease, etc.) or acute care services, you can trust our healthcare professionals to provide quality care with a personal touch.

We allow you to be part of a team that will help make sure that your visits are as positive and stress-free as possible.


Partida Corona’s membership program is the perfect choice if you are looking for Membership Clinic Las Vegas services.

With our membership, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your well-being is being taken care of. Invest in yourself and your family’s health today by signing up for Partida Corona’s healthcare membership program!

For more information or to become a member today, visit our website or contact us directly. Let us help you take charge of your health so you can get back out there and live life to the fullest!

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